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I am a Roman Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit, currently assigned to Divine Child Parish in Dearborn, Michigan. When I manage to keep the page updated, hopefully something interesting can be found here!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Back to School!

As so many of the parishioners are heading back to school this week, it seems appropriate to suggest some good reading material. I'm an avid reader, and enjoy some great Catholic authors (aside from others, too!), especially Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson. Benson was a Catholic priest from England who died at the beginning of the 20th century. For more information about Benson, visit this link. Some of my favorite books of his include Come Rack! Come Rope! (eBook version here), Lord of the World (eBook version here), and By What Authority? Some are available from Neumann Press as reprints; others are still not too expensive from used bookstores online (places like,, and

Some of you might be wondering if I have read the Harry Potter series yet. As a matter of fact, I have. Hopefully, I'll have some time during the next few weeks to explore my thoughts about Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagred, Professor Dumbledore, and the rest of the characters in these stories.

You might notice that the Benson novels above and Harry Potter are all fiction. I will begin to compile a list of books (fiction and non-) that I really enjoy and continue to re-read. I'll open this post up to comments, for suggestions of books that I should read or that must be included in the list.